GEM is free and friendly android application.

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User Manual

GEM helps two smartphone users to exchange their electronic namecards. In the following, we introduce how to use GEM step by step.

Panel introduction

The main panel is divided into three parts, e-card, control buttons, and gesture.

  1. The upper part is an e-card including name, company, email, phone, and address information. Click "Name" to see all saved e-cards by names. Click "Company" to open google search with company name. Click "Email" to open an email client with receiver's email address set by default. Click "Phone" to directly call the number. Click "Address" to open google map with the address.
  2. The middle part is control buttons. Click "It is me" to set the above e-card as my card. When launching the software, my card will automatically appear. Click "Save" to save the above e-card. Click "GIni" and "GRep" to start the exchange process.
  3. The bottom part is gesture. To record the gesture, you can press the right button down, wave up/down or left/right the smartphones, and release the button. The gesture will show in the left window. If you press down the button more than 3 seconds, the gesture will be reset. Therefore, you need to finish each gesture in 3 seconds. Totally, maximally four gesture patterns are supported.

Exchange Process

Consider two users U1 and U2 where U1 is the gesture initiator and U2 is the gesture repeator. Before processing the exchange, the Name and the Gesture cannot be null.

  1. U1 initializes the gesture and presses "GIni". Then, U1 1) enables bluetooth; 2) enables bluetooth discoverable; 3) initializes security parameters.
  2. U2 repeats the gesture and presses "GRep". Then, U2 1) enables bluetooth; 2) selects the target device; 3) initializes security parameters; 4) sends gestures
  3. U1 checks gesture. If gesture is correct, U1 sends e-card;
  4. U2 receives e-card, and sends e-card.