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Top Ten Articles
The January 2006 list of the ten most popular articles published in ComSoc periodicals viewed online, based on PDF views through IEEE Xplore:
Broadband wireless access with WiMax/802.16: current performance benchmarks and future potential  Communications Magazine; IEEE      Feb 2005
Design and implementation of a simulator based on a cross-layer protocol between MAC and PHY layers in a WiBro Compatible.IEEE 802.16e OFDMA system Communications Magazine; IEEE     Dec 2005
A simple transmit diversity technique for wireless communications JSAC Oct 1998
A survey on sensor networks  Communications Magazine; IEEE  Aug 2002
A road to future broadband wireless access: MIMO-OFDM-Based air interface Communications Magazine; IEEE      Jan 2005
Cross-layer design: a survey and the road ahead  Communications Magazine; IEEE   Dec 2005
A survey on wireless mesh networks Communications Magazine; IEEE    Sep 2005
TDCS; OFDM; and MC-CDMA: a brief tutorial  Communications Magazine; IEEE   Sep 2005
Communications Magazine; IEEE     Mar 2005
Cross-layer design for resource allocation in 3G wireless networks and beyond Communications Magazine; IEEE    Dec 2005
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