University of Waterloo. Canada.

Teaching Assistant.
  • Computer Networks and Security ECE 428
  • Introduction to computing ECE 150.

Icesi University. Colombia.

Course Instructor
  • Communication Networks Laboratory II
  • Network programming (Java-Processing)
  • Algorithms and programming languages I (Java)
  • Algorithms and programming languages II (Java)
  • Algorithms and programming languages III (Java)
  • Algorithms for telematics (C#.Net)
  • Data structures and algorithms (C#.Net)
  • Engineering of processes

Libertad: "I think what is wrong is that few people have too much, many have too little, and some have nothing"
Libertad: "If those some that have nothing had a little from the little owned by the many that have too little... "
Libertad: "and if the many that have too little had a little from the too much owned by the few that have too much, then there would be less problems"
Libertad: "But no one does anything, or should I say nothing, to improve a little bit something so simple"

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