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Mohamed M. E. A. Mahmoud

The official website for ECE610 "Broadband Communication Networks" Winter 2013 .

For more than nine years, I have been teaching various courses in computer and electrical engineering, including electronics, computer architecture, microprocessor and assembly language, high-level computer languages, digital circuits, electrical measurements, computer networks, cryptography and network security, optimization, and probability and stochastic processes.

1- University of Waterloo, Canada

Teaching Assistant.
  • ECE 332: Electronic Circuits.

2- Shoubra Faculty of Engineering, University of Banha, Cairo, Egypt

Full time lecturer (1999-2006)
  • Electronics.
  • Computer Architecture.
  • Microprocessor and Assembly Language.
  • Electrical Measurements.
  • High level computer languages (C, java, and visual basic).

As a lecturer and teaching assistant, my duties included (1) tutoring, marking, and proctoring; (2) working on curricula/syllabi/teaching materials; (3) administration, including training/supervising the teaching assistants, scheduling, and managing the marks; (4) lab activities, including ensuring the technical and safe operation of the labs, assisting in laboratories, and performing tutorials/lectures and demonstrating the use of equipment and software packages; and (5) interactions with students, including consulting and assisting in projects.