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2012 CoNET Meetings

Date Presenter Presentation Title and Slides
January 3rd Bin Cao Energy constrained Multi-timescale Frame-working for Polarization Enabled Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networking
January 9th Xin Sheng Low density parity check codes and density evolution
January 16th Yong Zhou Impact of interference on Cooperative Relays
January 30th Sailesh Bharati A Novel Adaptive Distributed Cooperative Relaying MAC Protocol for Vehicular Networks
February 6th Qinghua Shen An Introduction to Stochastic Network Optimization
1. M. J. Neely  stochastic network optimization.
2. Stochastic optimization websites.
February 13th Md Shamsul Alam Cooperative Relay Networks for Emergency
February 27th Neda Mohammadizadeh The First Step to Become Familiar with Network Simulator (NS)
March 5th Bin Cao Systemvue: A Powerful Simulation Tool for Wireless Communications
March 12th Ahmed Hamza MATLAB-C Interface
March 19th Sanaa Taha Certificateless Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme for Mobile Public Hotspots in NEMO Based VANET
March 26th Amila Tharaperiya CVX: An Open Source MATLAB-Based Optimization Tool
April 2nd Xin Sheng Speed Up MATLAB
April 9th Muhammad Ismail GAMS: A Powerful Optimization Tool and its Interface to MATLAB
April 16th Ran Zhang GNU Radio -- Free Software Toolkit of Software-Defined Radio in Communication Development
April 30th Yujie Tang Nonconvex Optimization for Communication Systems
May 7th Yong Zhou Cooperative Communication aware link scheduling for cognitive vehicle networks
May 14th Ning Zhang An Introduction to Game Theory for Wireless Networking
May 28th Qinghua Shen Communication over fading channels with delay constraints
June 4th Bin Cao Trusted Collaborative Spectrum Sensing 
for Mobile Cognitive Radio Networks
June 18th Neda Mohammadizadeh Reliable Packet Transmission Through Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
June 25th Muhammad Ismail Radio Resource Allocation for Single-Network and Multi-homing Services in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Medium
July 16th Yujie Tang A Quadrature Signalling Based Cooperative Scheme for Cognitive Radio Networks
July 23rd Md Shamsul Alam Performance Modeling and Analysis of Relay-based Cooperative OFDMA Networks
July 30th Ahmed Hamza A Timing Synchronization Scheme in Coordinated Base-Stations Cooperative Communications
August 13th Amila Tharaperiya Resource Allocation for Interworking IEEE 802.11 WLANs and OFDMA Based Cellular Networks
August 20th Sailesh Bharati Effects of Time Slot Reservation in Cooperative ADHOC MAC for Vehicular Networks
August 27th Ran Zhang LTE-Advanced System with Carrier Aggregation in 4G Wireless Communications
September 10th Ning Zhang A Bayesian Game Approach for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
September 17th Yong Zhou Beneficial Cooperation Ratio in Multi-hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
September 24th Xin Sheng Finding the optimal LDPC codes - Optimization approach
October 15th Qinghua Shen Research issues in communication systems for e-healthcare applications
October 22nd Yujie Tang Cooperative Strategies in Wireless Relay Networks 
October 29th Sailesh Bharati

Performance Analysis of Cooperative ADHOC MAC for Vehicular Networks

November 5th Ning Zhang

Security-aware Cooperation in Cognitive Radio Networks

November 12th Ahmed Hamza Performance Modeling, Design, and Analysis of Cooperative Communications in Cellular Networks
November 19th Tingting Yang Introduction of Routing in Intermittently connected networks and Delay Tolerant Networks
November 26th Neda Mohammadizadeh On the Fairness of Transport Protocols in a Multi-path Environment
December 3rd Amila Tharaperiya Uplink Resource Allocation for Interworking of WLAN and OFDMA-Based Femtocell Systems
December 10th Muhammad Ismail Cooperative Decentralized Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Medium
December 17th Ran Zhang Carrier Load Balancing and Packet Scheduling for Multi-Carrier Systems