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2011 CoNET Meetings

Date Presenter Presentation Title and Slides
May 31st Xin Sheng Low Density Parity Check Codes
June 7th Sailesh Bharati Cooperative Communication: A MAC Perspective
June 14th Md Shamsul Alam Cooperative Communications in LTE Networks
June 21th Ning Zhang Securing a Cooperative Environment in MANET
June 28th Bin Cao Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network (CCRN): One Primary User and One Secondary User Case
July 5th Muhammad Ismail Introduction to radio resource management in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Medium
July 11th Neda Mohammadizadeh Cooperation between Heterogeneous Networks along an End-to-End Connection
July 19th Sanaa Taha Mobility Management Protocols for Wireless Networks
July 26th Ahmed Hamaza Cooperative Communications (Physical Layer Perspective)
August 2nd Ran Zhang 802.11: Media-Independent Handover (MIH) for Seamless Service Provisioning in Heterogeneous Networks
August 9th Xin Sheng Cooperative networks, interference, and coding
August 16th Bin Cao Towards Sustainable Radio Spectrum Usage: User Cooperation in Cognitive Radion Networking
August 23rd Muhammad Ismail A distributed resource allocation algorithm in heterogeneous wireless access medium
August 30th Sailesh Bharati Cooperative MAC Protocol: TDMA System Perspective
September 6th Md Shamsul Alam Relay Selection and Resource Allocation in Multi-user Cooperative LTE-A Network with Service Differentiations
September 13th Neda Mohammadizadeh Redirecting traffic via alternative routes
September 20th Ran Zhang Mobile IP: mobility management in vertical handover in heterogeneous environment
September 27th Ning Zhang Energy-Efficient and Trust-aware Cooperation in Cognitive Radio Networks
October 4th Ahmed Hamza Cooperative Cellular Wireless Networks
October 11th Sanaa Taha Dude, where's that IP? Circumventing measurement-based IP geolocation
October 18th Xiaoxia Zhang Introduction to network optimization problems
November 1st Sailesh Bharati ADHOC MAC: A TDMA MAC for VANETs
November 8th Md Shamsul Alam Joint Resource Allocation in Multi-user Cooperative LTE-A Network with Service Differentiations
November 15th Sanaa Taha EM3A: Efficient Mutual Multi-hop Mobile Authentication Scheme for PMIP Networks
November 22th Ahmed Hamza Challenges of Base Station Cooperation
November 29th Muhammad Ismail Network cooperation for energy saving in green radio communications
December 6th Ning Zhang Improving Physical Layer Security Via Cooperation
December 13th Neda Mohammadizadeh End-to-end Cooperative Congestion Control in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
December 20th Sailesh Bharati Cooperative ADHOC MAC (CAH-MAC) for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks