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Welcome to the CoNET sub-group website!

Cooperation is the process of working or acting together, opposite to working separately in competition. Such a concept has been adopted recently from social sciences and economics to constitute a major research area in wireless communication networks. The idea of employing cooperation in wireless networks has emerged in response to the limited radio resources, which pose challenges in the development of wireless communication networks and services.

The concept of cooperation has been studied in different wireless networks such as heterogeneous wireless access network, cognitive radio networks, vehicular ad-hoc networks, and cellular networks. Some potential benefits of employing such a concept are: improved reliability and throughput, reduced service cost and energy consumption, and supporting seamless service provision. However, several challenges should be addressed first in order to achieve the desired benefits.

In the Cooperative networking (CoNET) sub-group, we aim to exploit the potential benefits of cooperation and address its challenging issues. Some of the topics addressed by the CoNET sub-group are:

The CoNET sub-group is part of the Broadband Communications Research (BBCR) Group under the supervision of Prof. Jon W. Mark, Prof. X. Sherman Shen, and Prof. Weihua Zhuang. The CoNET website is maintained by Muhammad Ismail.