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Our Mission

The Security Subgroup in Broadband Communications Research (BBCR) Lab is with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Waterloo. Our mission is to develop security and privacy solutions for diverse cyber-physical systems, including Cloud Computing, VANET, Social Networks, E-healthcare, Smart Grid, etc.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing
Social Networks
Social Networks
Smart Grid
Smart Grid


Dr. Xiaodong Lin Dr. Rongxing Lu Dr. Haojin Zhu Dr. Xiaohui Liang Dr. Kan Yang Dr. Ning Zhang Dr. Hongwei Li;  Dr. Mi Wen;  Dr. Chengzhe Lai Dr. Kuan Zhang Dr. Ju Ren;  Mrinmoy Barua; Asmaa Abdallah;  Jianbing Ni;  Qi Han;  Wenbo Su;  Dajiang Chen;  Xiaojie Fang;  Dongxiao Liu;  Cheng Huang;  Yuanyuan He;  Wenjuan Tang;  Huici Wu, Mohammed Alhasani


Sub-group Meeting in 2016 Fall

Date Speaker Topics
2016-09-06   Open Discussions
2016-09-13 Kuan Zhang Security and Privacy for Smart City
2016-09-19 Cheng Huang Security and Privacy Issues in Mobile Crowdsourcing Networks
2016-09-26 Jianbing Ni Device-Invisible Two-Factor Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for BYOD
2016-10-03 Dajiang Chen Acoustic Authentication
2016-10-11 Dongxiao Liu Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing
2016-10-17 Yuanyuan He Privacy Preserving Friend Discovery in Mobile Social Networks
2016-10-24 Wenjuan Tang Attribute Based Encryption Access Control in Cloud Computing
2016-10-31 Huici Wu Physical layer security with artificial noise
2016-11-07 Mohammed Alhasani  
2016-11-14 Cheng Huang  
2016-11-21 Jianbing Ni  
2016-11-28 Kuan Zhang  
2016-12-12 Ning Zhang  



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